Proper marketing is the key factor to grow a high value of the event. Our in house specialists will select the right channels for it.

Service of excellence for more than 12 years in organizing events and combining customer service and marketing. Great doses of creativity and innovation with guerrilla marketing campaigns and unconventionals techniques to attract the attention in an environment where there are many stimuli. Communications, PLV material or extravisibility. Events and animations have evolved at the point where is necessary to aim direct to generate a link with the brand, which will have a way back to the customer beyond the impact of the actual happening. Seeking that way of interaction the consumers can touch, view and test products and services to remember and associate them with the experience.


  1. Event activation/Generate awareness: A key point by which brands are doing events is to generate awareness and positioning. Event marketing allows us to cultivate that. Thanks to our events we can generate a brand value and share it with the world.
  2. Management of event advertisement through Digital Media.
  3. Point of sales strategies.
  4. Sponsorship advertisement.