Methods and tools to implement the planning of your event.

The Planning and production of all actions that will be implemented throughout the project in addition to the preparation of the equipment and staff necessary to achieve a right happening of the event.

Assembly and arrangement of all the necessary equipment and materials that will be used by the staff during the event. Implementation of technology for the communication of attendees and guests, especially in the handling of accreditations. Execution of the event including participants and public on site, sharing the different activities planned, seeking to respect the times stipulated in each performance; beginning, coffee breaks, closure, etc., looking carefully to solve any difficulties that may arise.

Programming the whole sequence of the event incuding schedules, type of participants and speakers. Stipulate deadlines, based on the activities to be developed on the days and times of the overall schedule. Elaborate checklists by work areas areas so that each group or staff is clear about their tasks and objectives inlcuding the time in which they must be carried out successfully. Their supervision will be periodic and in a watchful way.